Painting Services is a family owned and operated business serving the Halton region, Peel region, Hamilton, and surrounding areas. Established in Canada in 1991 Painting Services has become a trusted business. Painting Services is a Father and Son owned and operated business. Perfection, quality, and a vast knowledge of paints and applications makes our company stand out from the rest. We are not “Handymen” We are Professionals. Painting Services offers European quality to every project.

We offer competitive rates, and outstanding service. Unlike other painters we clean up properly before we leave. Our team is always on time and we stay till we finish our project. Painting Services offers a FREE no pressure quote. The price we quote will not include any unexpected surprises like other painters like to offer. We are also experts in colour schemes and offer free colour consultations as part of your quote.

If you don’t hire an experienced and reliable service, chances are high that your guests and visitors could point out the flaws. Our painting services ensure that you get the smoothest and long-lasting results. Our services help you in keeping your home looking fresh for longer period of time, thus saving you more in repainting work.

We are experienced and qualified for handling different types of paints and in completing all kinds of residential painting works. Our goal is not only to impress you and your visitors, but we also focus on creating a better and more relaxed environment for everyone. 

Strong Reputation

We have earned our reputation as professional, timely and safely. We have a reputation for completing all our jobs on time while delivering the highest quality standards.We will clean the site on a daily basis so that you don’t have to face any trouble or safety issues. We thrive 

Why Should You Choose Us

You can choose our services for a wide range of painting needs.

- Custom painting your house and special detailing

- For exterior or interior painting For removal of wallpaper or skimming coat walls

- For painting your deck, porch or fence

- For paint removal or cleaning the paint

- We do not over book

- Your start and finish dates are just as important to as it is to us

- We do one project at a time

- Always punctual

- Every house gets treated as it was ours

If you need any of our services, feel free to contact us any time at or 289-888-2657. We would be pleased to provide an evaluation and a quote.

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