Inside or out, painting your home or business can be a daunting task. Allow us to make it a worry-free process. We know how important where you live and work is to you, so we utilize top of the line paint and materials to make sure your home or place of business looks its best.

As important as the painting process is, the preparation phase is equally as important. To make sure we start off on the right foot, we take a number of measures to prepare the interior and exterior of your home or business before we even begin painting. This ensures a smooth, even application for a professional, long lasting look.

Exterior preparation includes:

  • Ground preparation covering plants and areas subject to over spray
  • Thoroughly scrape, sand, and prime surfaces
  • Repair surfaces
  • Repair or replace damaged wood
  • A proven technique that is used by very few painters for a great wood patching job; patch and prime
  • Application of the highest quality paint
  • Thorough clean up

Interior preparation includes:

  • Cover all floorings, furniture, and personal belongings
  • Remove any art work client is unable to remove
  • Removal of all switch plates and replacement at conclusion of job
  • Remove dirt, debris, and nails from walls
  • Wall preparation, repairing of nail holes, sanding, caulking as necessary, and spot texturing
  • Application of the highest quality paint
  • Thorough clean up